Benefits of Laser Gum Surgery

In the world of medicine we have seen a number of amazing breakthroughs and advancements over the years. As technology advances in all facets of society, the medical industry has been right along with it, and it has helped patients to get the best treatment methods, and alleviate a wide variety of conditions, with fewer side effects, downtime, shorter recovery periods, and far fewer unwanted risks. One of the areas where we have seen some amazing advancements of late has been the world of dentistry, and periodontal health and wellness. One of the most interesting aspects has been the use of the LANAP laser treatment for laser gum surgery, to combat periodontal gum disease. Periodontal gum disease and gum issues are far more common than you might realize, and something that affects a wide variety of people across the United States. As the best periodontist Queens has to offer, Dr. David Malakov specializes the LANAP gum surgery and has used it to help countless patients in recent years. Despite how popular the treatment has become though recently and how many patients have seen results from it, many are still uneducated on it and all its benefits. In this article, we will be going over some of the benefits of the best laser gum treatment near me, the LANAP laser treatment.

Minimally Invasive Alternative to Gum Surgery

The use of lasers overall has become especially popular in medicine these days, as it has in other areas. And the main reason for this is that it allows medical professionals an alternative to actual surgery and larger incisions in the face or body. According to Dr. Malakov, the best periodontist Queens has to offer, conventional gum surgery requires the use of medical tools that must slice into the gums and these incisions will leave wounds that will require the use of stitches and a long recovery period. Laser gum surgery doesn’t require incisions, and this means for less complications, lower risk of infection, and is overall a much less invasive option.

Better Smile

The key to an improved smile lies in having straight healthy, teeth and gums. One of the hallmarks of the LANAP laser treatment is that it leads to a much improved smile overall. For many patients it helps to alleviate a gummy smile, and improve the ratio of the gums to teeth. Using LANAP gum surgery patients will be able to trim unwanted or damaged gum tissue, and keep an overall balanced and aesthetically pleasing smile.

More Precise Results

One of main reasons that patients love the results of the LANAP laser gum surgery is that it is highly precise and offers results without as many risks or side effects as conventional gum surgery. Because of the precision of lasers, they are used in more medical procedures overall.

Faster Recovery

Another hallmark of laser gum surgery is the fact that patients can experience the results they want, without the need for a long and drawn out recovery period. With conventional gum surgery, the incisions are closed with stitches and therefore, you must wait weeks or months for the incisions to heal. With lasers this isn’t the case and patients can benefit and results much faster.

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