Dr. David Malakov and his team are excited to offer the LANAP laser gum treatment, for patients with periodontal gum issues. As one of the few practices in NYC offering this revolutionary procedure, patients now have a no-cut, no-sew option for treating their gum disease issues, with one of the most innovative dental lasers around!

What is LANAP?
The LANAP laser gum surgery is an innovative laser method for treating periodontal gum disease issues without the need for surgery! While surgery has been proven to be effective over the years, its important to understand that no surgery is without its risks, and possible complications. And while Dr. Malakov still offers periodontal gum surgery, some patients now have a non-invasive laser alternative.

Promotes Tissue Regeneration!
The LANAP device treats gum disease without any pain, unwanted recession of the gum line, and the increased sensitivity patients will feel during conventional gum surgery. Using LANAP’s PerioLaser MVP laser, we are able to eliminate unwanted bacteria, and remove damaged gum tissue, while helping to promote the regrowth of soft tissue as well as bone! The LANAP device has been proven effective by the FDA, gaining approval for as a laser treatment for gum disease, and tissue regeneration.

Benefits of Laser Gum Surgery
Dr. Malakov recommends the procedure as it is not only a noninvasive alternative to traditional surgery, but the fact that it offers patients a number of amazing benefits. Some of the benefits of LANAP include:

  • Promotes Bone Health: The laser device is the only treatment that stimulates the growth of bone tissue that was previously lost to periodontal gum disease.
  • Avoid Unnecessary Dental Extractions and Loss of Teeth
  • Non-Invasive
  • No Downtime or Recovery Period
  • Limited Pain, Discomfort, or Other Side Effects/Risks of Surgery
  • No Cuts or Incisions
  • No Sewing or Stitching or Tissue
  • Less Risk of Infection
  • Less Gum Sensitivity

Laser Gum Treatment Versus Traditional Surgery
It’s important for patients to understand the differences between traditional gum surgery and the LANAP laser treatment for periodontal gum disease. Both treatments are certainly effective at treating the symptoms of gum disease, and some patients may still be a better candidate for surgical intervention as opposed to the LANAP treatment.

In conventional surgery, a scalpel is used in order to remove gum tissue, and give your surgeon better access to the periodontal pockets. During the procedure the doctor must cut and suture the gums in order to decrease the depth of the periodontal pocket. As a result patients will often end up with a much shorter, less aesthetically pleasing gum line. In addition, during such a procedure, the surgeon must also perform some form of a bone or soft tissue graft, in order to better attach the gum to the tooth’s root. While this has been the proven method of gum surgery for some time, the LANAP eliminates a number of those steps.

As a far less invasive form of treating gum issues, the LANAP offers a no-cut, no-sew alternative. This means that in place of incisions made with a scalpel, the LANAP laser is able to slowly remove the effected gum tissue, and unwanted bacteria from the gums by itself. There is no need to cut into the gums or shorten the depth of the periodontal pocket. Most patients will experience little to no gum recession at all, ensuring that they maintain an overall aesthetically pleasing appearing. Once it does its cleaning, rather than stitching the gums up, the laser is able to press the gum tissue against the tooth’s root, and a seal is created with a clot as opposed to using sutures. This means patients will experience little to no side effects, pain, bleeding, and have a limited chance of infection. Rather than a longer recovery period, they will experience some moderate soreness or slight discomfort for a day or so.

For more information on the LANAP procedure be sure to contact Dr. Malakov today.