What are the Different Forms of Periodontitis?

Despite being one of the most important aspects of our overall health and wellness, dental care is easily the most ignored facet healthcare. And while many ignore their regular trip to the dentist, the world of periodontal medicine remains a mystery to the vast majority of patients – with many still unaware of what a periodontist actually is. As the best dentist and periodontal disease specialist, Dr. David Malakov, strives to provide patients with the best periodontal treatment NYC has to offer. Periodontal treatment is considered almost a sub-specialty of dentistry dealing with the health of the teeth and gums. The best periodontal treatment includes improving the overall oral hygiene for a patient – professionally cleaning the gums and the pockets that form between the teeth and gums, preventing damage to the surrounding bone tissue.

Considering that our mouths are the entry point for food and nutrition for our bodies, the gums and teeth can easily accrue large amounts of dirt, debris and bacteria over time. As this bacterial buildup occurs, the gums develop larger and larger pockets – that can cause an infection to occur and put the teeth, gums and bone matter in jeopardy of damage and overall degeneration. According to the best dentist andperiodontal disease specialist, Dr. David Malakov, when periodontal disease is left untreated, it can lead to a number of adverse health effects and conditions – including tooth and gum loss as well as an increased risk of heart attack, stroke and other serious health problems – which is why it’s extremely important for patients to educate themselves on this serious gum disease.

What is Periodontitis? How is it Caused?

Periodontitis is an infection characterized by severe inflammation of the periodontium, or the supportive tissues that surround each tooth. This infection can range in severity, with mild cases simply resulting in swollen, slightly painful gums to severe cases that ultimately result in tooth loss. The most common causes of periodontitis are excessive plaque buildup and overall poor oral hygiene. As the best dentist and periodontal disease specialist, Dr. Malakov, in order to provide the best periodontal treatment, must educate patients on proper oral hygiene techniques. Considering that this is the main cause of this condition and an important facet of dental care, it is also easily prevented with proper care. There are a number of different types of periodontal gum disease as well, and each is characterized by certain specific details that set them apart from one another.

Types of Periodontitis

· Aggressive Periodontitis

This type occurs as a result of a sudden loss of gum attachment and leads to serious deterioration of bone tissue. This type of periodontitis is typically seen in otherwise healthy patients and is often rooted in genetics – passed on through the generations.

· Chronic Periodontitis

This is the most common type of periodontal disease – characterized by chronic inflammation of the periodontium and leads to the formation of deep pockets and receded gums.

· Necrotizing Periodontitis

This form of the condition is essentially tissue death, or necrosis, within the alveolar bone, periodontal ligament and gingival tissues. This type of periodontal disease is most commonly seen in patients who suffer from systemic conditions such as malnutrition, HIV and other immuno-compromising disorders.

· Systemic Disease

Another form of periodontitis is caused a certain systemic disease and is often seen early on in a patient’s life. Those suffering from diabetes, heart disease, respiratory disorders and other similar conditions are most likely to experience this form of periodontitis.

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